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Diverse and Inclusive Campus A safe, diverse, and an inclusive environment for growth and learning. Diverse and Inclusive Campus A safe, diverse, and an inclusive environment for growth and learning.

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About Us

The mission of HVCA is to educate students in the light of God’s word to equip them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, service, and worship.

Elementary Standards

What learners should know (content) and be able to do (skills), serve as the framework for curriculum development. Standards in North American Seventh-Day Adventist schools reflect the Adventist worldview across the K-12 Curricula as well as the integration of national and state standards.

Secondary Standards

Standards for secondary courses have been developed by teachers to guide an instructional program that is infused with Christian faith and an Adventist worldview. These standards focus on what students should know, understand, and be able to do per national and state standards in addition to the Christian influence.

What Makes Us Different

Christ Centered Institution

Diverse and Inclusive Campus

Academic Excellence

Excellence in early childhood


Consider a Bible class where every students’ friendship with Jesus is nurtured, through countless connection opportunities with Him, and a growing, confident knowledge of Scripture.

Music Lessons

Excellent opportunities to enjoy performing and listening to music from North America and around the world, and to develop musical appreciation, knowledge, and literacy skills.


Instruction in a world language should help students learn to reflect God’s image while developing proficiency in the content areas of foreign language studies— communication, cultures and communities, comparisons, and global connections.


The technology standards are intentionally designed to give students opportunities to learn about the digital world, to facilitate personalized inquiry,  and to prepare for a life of service.


Mathematics instruction from this curriculum should help students learn to see and reflect God’s image while developing proficiency in different aspects of mathematics—understanding, representing, applying and analyzing quantitative relationships.


An intrinsic part of Adventist education and serves to amplify and enrich the curriculum through presenting an awareness of God’s hand in the affairs of men and of man’s obligation to serve others.

Visual Art

Learning through the arts involves students drawing on their experiences, exploring feelings, observing and researching. Students learn the elements, principles, processes, and techniques as well as the cultural and aesthetic values associated with specific art forms.


The science instruction is an engaging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curriculum that nurtures children’s natural curiosity as they explore the wonderment of God’s Creation through the lens of the Bible.